A Public Apology

I think it’s time I mention someone who has unfailingly been by my side since my mom first went into the hospital a little over a month ago.
This person has been with me from the moment I was told my mom was going to die. She went out of her way for me so that I could spend several days visiting my mom while my mom was in the hospital.
This person has tried her best to be supportive even though I’ve treated her like crap, blamed her, pushed her away, told her she didn’t care, dumped all my anger and pain out on her, and have made her life a living hell.
Rather than be comforted, I’ve ignored her attempts at support and let it go unrecognized, or blamed her for NOT showing any support when clearly that is all she’s been trying to do.
Yet, she has continued to put up with me. She has tried her best to understand what I was and am going through, and has continued to make every attempt to be comforting and supportive even though I’ve just pushed her away.
So now, I just want to say that I love my wife for going through this with me. For putting up with all the crap I’ve dumped on her when she didn’t deserve it. For placing blame, frustration, and anger on her as a way of coping rather than leaning on her for the support she’s tried so hard to give.

I’m sorry I’ve put you through hell right along with me this last month. I hope you can forgive me Donna.
I love you

(I posted this on my Facebook, but I thought it only appropriate to put it here on my blog as well.)

One response to “A Public Apology

  1. That is so sweet Josh. Sometimes life is so hard and we dump on those that are closest to us. You have a lot of love so focus it on the two of you and your kids. I am so glad you have each other. And there is nothing more important to a woman than a sincere, I am sorry…. and she will know if it i sincere. Praying for the two of you.

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