About Me

You know my name. But what does the title “It’s Only Me, Josh” really mean?
I’ve gone through many blogs over the years. And after several of them, I realized not many people really cared what I wrote. Not many people even found my blog. One blog on an internet full of millions of blogs.
Then, I thought, it’s not just one blog out of millions of blogs but one person. Me. Only me out of a sea of people. I’m just a speck of insignificance on an earth of 7 billion other humans, so what would writing about my life matter when there are millions, if not billions, of others who never get the chance to be recognized for their lives… no matter how insignificant they or their lives may be.
After all, it’s only me Josh. One person, one life, insignificant in the sea of humanity.
Yet, I’m here. Sharing my life through my blog. Putting myself out there, where maybe I won’t feel so insignificant. Even though it’ll still only be me, Josh.


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