I Must Be Strong

I find it odd that during the month my mom was in the hospital dying of cancer, I never cried, never let it get to me, and I stayed strong.
Now that she’s gone, it’s hit me like a ton of bricks, I have moments where I just feel like spontaneously crying, and I’m just weak, drained, and depressed.

Today is my wife’s 31st birthday and I just sat around starting off into space. Then I laid in bed, cried a bit, and then fell asleep for two hours until she went to work.

I can’t let this get to me. I miss my mom terribly, but I have a wife and 4 kids who need me too. So I must be strong and try to move past this and not let it consume me.


Cancer Has Taken My Mom From Me :(

I received the call at 2:30 this morning. Mom passed away shortly before the call. I’m still trying to come to grips with this. Right now it just feels so surreal.

I love you MA! You’ll be greatly missed by many people. I’ll see you in heaven someday….